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Graduate Institute of Educational Administration

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On-the-Job Training Program

. course construction: The length of schooling of the master’s program would follow some laws related to “Enforcement Rules of Degree Conferral Law.” The student should complete 32 credits before graduation (plus 6 credits for dissertation). Students could transfer up to 8 credits according to some related laws of Ministry of Education and the school rules. The students with recognition of equivalent qualifications should take 4 credits of the major field additionally. The subjects should be ratified by the chairman

.  Basic required courses: 6 credits, including research tool sujects, basic educational and school administration sujects, etc.

   Thesis research: 6 credits, students need to pass the thesis research proposal and oral test, then they can get credits for thesis reseac.

.  Elective courses: 26 credits, including school administration major elective courses and cross-department elective courses. The students should take at least 14 credits for school administration major elective courses. Students could get 6 credits from other related fields in other departments.

Ⅱ. course selection

The students should complete the process of enrollment and couse election according to the rules of office of academic affairs.

The first grade students should take at most 9 credits. Above the second grade, the students can take up to 9 credits.

.  The 6 credits for thesis research will be count into the graduate credits. The students should take 3 credits every semester from the second semester of the second year. The total is 6 credits. Students should pass the oral test of thesis to get the credits. The advisor can guide at most 4 students of each master’s program. The professor of other departments could guide at most two students every class.

.  The students can take courses of other departments with the chairman’s approval. The elective courses the students take should relate to the thesis topic or administration field. At most 6 credits.