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Graduate Institute of Educational Administration

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Daytime master’s program

. course design: The courses of the master’s program mainly focus on cultivating distinguish professioanls in academic research and practical areas in educational policy, leadership, educational economics and organizational management. The construction of the courses are divided into two parts:

.  Basic course: including subjects of professional knowledge and academic research for educational policy.

.  Professional course: In order to develop the specialty of the institute, the courses are divided into: 1. Educational policy and leadership 2. Educational economics and organization management.

Ⅱ. Rules for studying

The students should earn credits for every field, 34 credits in total (6 credits for thesis research are not included). Also, They should pass the oral exam for master’s  dissertation to graduate. Please read the general principles and courses formulation of themaster’s courses, guidelines of the oral exam of master degree qualifications.

The students should not only follow the rules of the institute and the university, but also have to take part in the academic conferences in and outside the university, which are suggestted by the chairman or advisors.

.  The master students should follow the process of the institute if they chose cross-school courses (overseas are included).