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Graduate Institute of Educational Administration

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Doctoral Program

. The course design of the doctoral program mainly focuses on cultivating distinguish academic research and practical professionalsin the fields of educational policy, leadership, educational economics and organizational management. The construction of the course is separated into three parts:

.  Basic courses: It includes subjects of professional knowledge and academic research tools of educational administration.

.  Professional courses: In order to develop the specialty of this intitute, the courses are divided into two academic groups: 1. Educational policy and leadership 2. Educational economics and organizational management.

Ⅱ. Rules for studying

The students should earn credits for every field, there are 38 credits in total(6 credits for thesis are not included). Also, theyshould pass the doctoral qualificationexams as well as a final oral exam for thesisto graduate. Please read the general principles and coursesdescription of the doctoral program, guidelines of doctoral qualificationexam and oral exam for completethedoctoral program.     

Subjects of the course field and credits are in the doctoral program table.     

.  The doctoral program has used group instruction since 2007. Every students should choose one group for their research fields of expertise and the students should complete at least 18 credits for professional courses in the group. But the students cantake courses of cross-groupsup to 6 credits.

.  Beforehead subject explanations for courses. The rules of takingresearch method and research tool are:

) Advanced statistics in education

) Research methology in education

) Quantitative data collection and analysis

) Qualitative data collection and analysis

The four subjects should be taken from the first semester ofthe first year to the second semester of the the second year of the doctoral study.

.  The students should not only follow the rules of the institute and the university, but also have to take part in the academic conferencesin and outside the university, which are suggestted by the chairman oradvisors.

.  The doctoral students should follow the process of the institute if they chosecross-school courses (overseas are included).